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The Institute of Therapies Management
provides inexpensive professional accreditation to qualified individuals

The Institute of Therapies Management offers accreditation to colleges, other academic bodies, organizations and individuals who are engaged in work or research in the field and who meet with the institute’s criteria for accreditation. The Institute’s primary requirements include a professional approach based on training, a will to serve and help others and the application of common sense to treatments.

Our minds are magical, powerful, creative and can with help be enabling and liberating.

Sensitive therapists can help individuals to release the power of their own minds.
The Institute of Therapies Management is looking for such special individuals or those who can be trained to be those special people equipped to help others.

Accreditation of therapies is offered in the following fields and otherwise ...

* Acupressure therapy accreditation
* Anger Management therapy accreditation
* Aromatherapy accreditation
* Art Therapy accreditation
* Aspergers Syndrome therapy accreditation
* Attention Deficit Disorder -ADD accreditation
* Autogenic Training therapy accreditation
* Cognitive Behavioural Therapy accreditation
* Counselling therapy accreditation
* Crystal Therapy accreditation
* Dissociative Identity Disorder accreditation
* Divination Therapy accreditation
* Drama Therapy accreditation
* Dream Therapy accreditation

* Dyspraxia therapy accreditation
* Fear of Flying Treatment accreditation
* Holistic Therapies accreditation
* Hypnotherapy accreditation
* Life Coaching therapy accreditation
* Marriage/Couple Counselling accreditation
* Neuro-Linguistic Programming accreditation
* Nutrition & Health therapy accreditation
* Obsessive Compulsive Therapy
* Performance therapy accreditation
* Phobia removal therapy accreditation
* Psychotherapy accreditation
* Reflexology accreditation
* Sex Therapy accreditation

The Institute of Therapies Management is a member of the Unifaculty Foundation. The Unifaculty college supplies courses online to students and members around the world. Their main web site is at

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* Smoking Cessation therapy accreditation
* Spiritual Healing therapy accreditation
* Stress Management therapy accreditation
* Taoist Healing Therapist accreditation
* Therapists accreditation
* Thought Field Therapy accreditation
* Weight loss therapy accreditation
* Yoga Therapy accreditation

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